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Cyber security is one of the hottest topics in technology nowadays. A program for beginners and career changers.


An intensive training program for tech-savvy individuals who wish to launch a new and exciting career as programmers, with both frontend and backend skills.

*Issued by the Cyber-Tech Institute of Australasia (RTO #4785)

Upskilling Programs for Enterprise Employees

We also offer our reskilling, upskilling and cross-skilling cyber and tech training programs for businesses as a way to keep their employees productive and up to date with recent technology and current trends.
Aimed to meet the ever growing need of incident response handling aspects in cyber security for people with no cyber experience.
Learn various investigation tools for analysing and deciphering computer crime events, reconstructing and deciphering software and hardware failures, and preventing such events in the future.

Gain advanced knowledge on malware threats and malware analysis techniques by detecting, identifying, and containing the most common cyber security incidents.

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